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About Us


Visteon Project - Your Partner in Hydraulics

Our company is a major player in hydraulic field in Romania. Having a team with a borad experience in hydraulics, our company is the most suitable for finding the best solution for hydraulics for your application in both industrial and mobile hydraulics!

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Our Story

Our story started in 2008 when we began working exclusively in hydraulics.

During our activity we found and provided many hydraulic equipment for both the industrial and mobile sector. 

Our goal was to provide an integrated service from planning to starting-up the hydraulic equipment on the customer machine, and after sales service for the solutions provided!

Our team includes the personnel in the assembly department, milling department, technical and sales department!

We are continuously ​searching for new business suppliers to broaden our product range, in this way ensuring our customers that our company is fully dedicated in solving their problems in hydraulics. 

Our close collaboration with our suppliers is followed by a concrete relationship based on trust, that we can provide the right solution for the customers. We have developed exclusive dealership with several supploers in the European market such a Bosch Resroth, Salami, MS Hydraulics and Hydro Leduc. 

Meet The Team

What we do

Design Hydraulic Installations

Technical consulting in hydraulics

Efficiency improvement of hydraulic circuits

Sales of hydraulic equipment

Production of custom made hydraulic equipment

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Future of hydraulics in electric vehicles

Electric Mobility & Hydraulics

Our company's team is continuously searching for top solutions in hydraulic field, including the hydraulics for electric vehicles.  We are dedicated to implementing the future of automotive technology and we are closely working with our suppliers as well as searching for new solution for e-mobility. . Our team of experts is committed to developing innovative solutions that enhance the performance and efficiency of electric trucks. With a strong focus on sustainability and cutting-edge technology, we strive to create a greener and more sustainable future for the automotive industry.

The solution for Hydraulics in Electric vehicles

An Electric Power Take-Off (ePTO) in vehicles, including trucks, is an electrically driven system that replaces traditional mechanical PTOs. It allows the transmission of power from the vehicle's electric motor to auxiliary equipment, such as hydraulic pumps or generators, without relying on a separate engine-driven system. ePTOs are increasingly used in electric trucks, providing more flexibility in powering various accessories and contributing to the overall efficiency and versatility of the vehicle.

The Hydraulic pumps we are selling are specially designed for electric vehicles and has the following characteristics:

  • 9-piston design for reduced pulsation and lower noise level Innovative timing for better performance

  • Use of high strength materials

  • Reinforced sealing

  • High self-priming speed

  • Optimized overall envelop

  • Swash plate & barrel

  • Flange and shaft for truck application, according to DIN ISO 14

Our Process for custom made solutions


Customer Discussion

First we discuss with our potential customer about the needs the company has, the problems that is facing and other variables that may influence the finality of the project



After identifying exactly all the parameters of the project the customer is interested in, our company comes with a custom-made technical solution and all the implications it has from financial aspects to the time frame such a solution is implemented



After the customer accepts our solution, a planning of the project implementation is done, and after the contract is signed the implementation program is starting, from material order to the final deployment of the machine

Repair services


Hydraulic equipment problem identification

All the hydraulics that are entering our repairing workshop, are first prepared to a process of diagnosis, based on which our team issues a quote 


Actual repair

After the customer accepts the quote, the spare parts are ordered if not on stock, and the assembly process will start. 


Test & delivery

All the repaired items are tested on a Rexroth test bench, the customer receives a test report with the warranty certificate and mounting instructions before start up

Our Clients

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